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David Litt, left, founder and CEO of Blue Star Technology in Bloomingdale, and George J. “Lek” Loechl, right, vice president of marketing and creative vision.
Bloomingdale firm works to make IT understandable
Bloomingdale's Blue Star Technology is an IT services company that prides itself being a partnering in its clients success.
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A developer bought several properties in downtown Naperville for $10.5 million.
Downtown Naperville buildings sell for $10.5 million
Paddock Publications Inc. acquired three southern Illinois newspapers in its latest expansion move.
Daily Herald buys 3 Carbondale newspapers for southern Illinois group
An unnamed independent movie is being filmed Friday and Saturday at the Barrington Flower Shop, 201 S. Cook St.
Filmmakers hush-hush on movie to be shot at Barrington Flower Shop
Richard Haney
Longtime CLC employee in line to be interim president
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