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The plan commission in St. Charles is reviewing a proposal to redevelop the largely vacant Charlestowne Mall on the city’s east side.
Charlestowne Mall redevelopment plans continue to draw concerns from officials
St. Charles plan commissioners continue to voice concerns about a proposal to redevelop the largely vacant Charlestowne Mall on the city's east side.
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A 48-year-old building at 1355 Greenleaf Ave. in Elk Grove Village is proposed to undergo more than $1 million in upgrades for a precision manufacturer’s expansion.
Precision manufacturer plans $13 million expansion in Elk Grove Village
A plan to build townhouses where a mostly vacant shopping center in Mundelein now stands cleared the village’s planning and zoning commission Wednesday.
Plan to replace Mundelein's languishing Oak Creek Plaza with townhouses moves forward
A new business site that has been nothing but a guessing game as to when it might open was the Dunkin’ Donuts site on East State Street in Geneva.
Some of the Tri-Cities' businesses that opened, closed or seemed in limbo for 2021
Umar Ahmad, owner of Organic Rootz health food store in Barrington, makes a Maaz’s MYLK smoothie Thursday afternoon. The smoothie has fruit, nuts, spices and local honey.
'We saw the life come back to him': Changing dad's diet leads to two suburban health food stores
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