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Robert Justen of Justen Funeral Home & Crematory holds the cremated remains of a person who was returned to the funeral home after many years for burial. Justen is seeking a liquor license for his business to accommodate people who want to grieve their loved ones with celebration of life ceremonies versus traditional funerals.
Funerals are changing. One McHenry funeral home wants liquor license to adapt to those changes.
A McHenry funeral home would like the opportunity to serve alcohol during its memorials. It's a trend that started in Wheeling in 2015 when Kolssak Funeral Home became a "pioneer" in the practice of serving alcohol during funerals and wakes to keep up with the changing ways people are celebrating the death of loved ones.
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Father and son want to open indoor skate park in Elgin
Plans to shutter the Pickwick Theatre in Park Ridge may change, the historic movie house’s owner said Thursday. “I’d like to find someone to take it over,” Dino Vlahakis said.
'This story is not finished': Pickwick Theatre owner fielding offers that could keep movie palace open
Gebrüder Weiss Director of Sales Merlin Dow pictured with Maria Terry, owner of Bleuroot restaurant. The Wood Dale based business joined the West Dundee restaurant in providing Thanksgiving meals to families in need.
Gebrüder Weiss provides food and toys to community this holiday season
Nicki Anderson
Former chamber CEO selected for vacated Naperville City Council seat
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