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Undeveloped land north of Congress Parkway and east of South Main Street in Crystal Lake is the site of a potential Amazon warehouse.
Amazon delivery station being planned for Crystal Lake
An Amazon delivery station could be coming to Crystal Lake after receiving a unanimous positive recommendation from the city's planning and zoning commission.
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Restaurateurs want to operate District Brew Yards on the site of the former Ram in Wheeling.
Chicago restaurant and brewery could expand to Wheeling
Grand Ridge National Bank has opened a new commercial lending and operations office at 400 S. County Farm Road in Wheaton.
Grand Ridge National Bank expands in Wheaton
United Airlines is moving 900 operations workers to this former Motorola campus building at 1501 W. Shure Drive in Arlington Heights.
United plans to shift 900 workers, flight control center to Arlington Heights
Gary Keefer
Keefer named CEO at Orbus
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