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A Kocsis Technologies field service engineer inspects products on an offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, right, and the Alsip headquartes, above.
"Millenializing" manufacturing
Most kids probably won't say that they dream of working as a machinist, salesman, or engineer. Manufacturing is a stereotypically slow moving, gritty industry that does not attract young talent easily. Today's young workers want to work for businesses that tell a story and stand for more than simply turning a profit
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Jarosch Bakery has been making its baked goods the old fashioned way for 60 years in Elk Grove Village. It’s marking its anniversary with a series of specials through Saturday.
Jarosch Bakery celebrates 60 years in Elk Grove Village
Air Force veteran Suzy Chang of Naperville supports her community by offering free photo booths from her company, Alfresco Photo, at charity fundraisers to help groups provide a memorable experience and raise more money.
Naperville veteran uses photo business to boost charities
Women entrepreneurs, there's no better month to revisit your financial strategy
Marketing coordinator Oscar Gonzalez of the Parker Restaurant Group greets visitors at The Hampton Social booth during the DuPage Hospitality Expo Thursday afternoon at Abbington Banquets in Glen Ellyn.
Business Ledger expo puts spotlight on suburban hospitality industry
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