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A recent study showed parents had different expectations of female and male baby sitters, including expecting girls to do more household tasks and spend more unpaid time in before-and-after conversations with parents. They also paid boys more.
Teens face a gender pay gap, too. Here's how to help them navigate it.
We need to do better, parents and employers both. Here's what experts suggest.
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The pension reforms that Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, a former construction company CEO elected in 2010, has been able to achieve might serve as an example to other U.S. municipalities whose retirement systems are in deep debt.
What we can learn from one mayor's pension reforms
Buyers are facing a competitive market in which they need to move quickly, bid high and make other concessions if they want to land the deal, real estate agents say. And for every month that buyers strike out, the combination of rising home prices and higher mortgage rates can add hundreds or thousands of dollars to the cost of the home.
Why many home buyers suddenly feel cursed
In this Thursday, June 14, 2018 photo, Bill Ford Jr., Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board, poses in the Michigan Central Station in Detroit. Ford Motor Co. is embarking on a 4-year renovation of the 105-year-old depot and 17-story office tower just west of downtown. The massive project is expected to increase the automaker’s footprint in the city where the company was founded, provide space for electric and autonomous vehicle testing and research and spur investment in the surrounding neighborhood. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)
AP news guide: Ford's plans for Michigan Central station
Your taxes in retirement may be a lot more complicated than taxes while you’re working.
Beware of hidden taxes in retirement
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