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Molex office campus in Lisle.
Molex ranks highest in quality among Prime Source winners
Molex, a global provider of integrated electronic solutions, said Wednesday that it has received the 2017 EIS Supplier of the Year award.
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Michelle Rathman
St. Charles business owner to host Rutal Matters
Long Grove’s iconic bridge, which dates back to 1906, has been shored up with wood beams and closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic since a box truck crashed into it on June 27.
Long Grove postpones hiring company to demolish bridge cover
A rendering shows the proposed renovation of a building at 1200 Hicks Road in Rolling Meadows into a new, 47,534-square-foot mosque.
Mosque expansion earns first positive vote from Rolling Meadows aldermen
Bill Schmoldt, owner of Prospect Bikes in Mount Prospect waves to a fellow bike rider outside as he inspects his inventory of bikes he will be selling this month before closing the shop he has run since 1979.
After 50 years working with bicycles, Prospect Bikes owner closing his shop
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