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Selim Bassoul, CEO at Middleby in Elgin is surrounded by some of the ovens that he is sending to Haiti and Puerto Rico.
Middleby CEO heats up relief effort with ovens
Selim Bassoul is a hands-on CEO of a rapidly growing Elgin-based kitchen-supply maker with about 8,500 global employees, has two young children at home, yet finds it important to give his time to others in need.
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Four suburban companies will join Carson’s in laying off workers, according to a state report.
Report: Hundreds of suburban workers to lose their jobs
Afternoon traffic backs up on northbound Route 53 approaching the end of the expressway at Lake-Cook Road. An extension into Lake County is part of a new study called the Tri-County Access project that will focus on a range of alternatives to move traffic.
Why Route 53 extension study now includes McHenry, Cook counties
The agency that owns the Westin hotel in Lombard plans to begin a three-year, $10 million renovation to upgrade amenities such as the parking lot, parking garage, banquet chairs and room finishes at the 11-year-old hotel.
With debts restructured, Westin in Lombard planning upgrades
Kelly C. France
How a 'skills-exchange' program can improve your workplace
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