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A sign on the door of the Party City store in Geneva Thursday announces the store is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus. The $2 trillion economic rescue package approved by the U.S. Senate includes a number of provisions and aid for businesses struggling to maintain normalcy during the COVID-19 pandemic.
What the stimulus package would mean to local business
The U.S Chamber of Commerce, in a message sent to its members Thursday, summarized the contents of the Senate's $2 trillion economic rescue package. Here is a synopsis of the chamber's message, as it pertains to local businesses.
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Two workers at the Jel Sert factory in West Chicago have tested positive for the coronavirus. Starting Friday morning, Jel Sert will temporarily close a portion of the facility to allow for a deep cleaning of the manufacturing area, bathrooms and other common spaces, a company spokeswoman said.
Jel Sert shuts down manufacturing after workers test positive for COVID-19
Courtesy of Therese Burke Tommy and Scott DeLorenzo of Bensenville, owners of “Balloons by Tommy,” are displaying a pair of balloon messages in front of their home. One is “Wash Your Hands” and the other is “Be Safe Be Kind.”
Bensenville business owners spread joy with balloon messages
Technology is helping realty agents close home sales in this time with fewer face-to-face meetings.
COVID-19 rapidly impacts the realty industry
Mike Pallen, co-owner of Mikerphone Brewing in Elk Grove Village, fills a howler, a 32-ounce glass bottle, with beer for a to-go customer. The brewery, like many in the suburbs, has had to switch to relying on to-go orders.
Suburban breweries tap into takeout and delivery during COVID-19 outbreak
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